Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bob Dylan Joins Jack White In Hank Williams Tribute

The White Stripes rocker Jack White has teamed up with American singer-songwriter, author, musician, poet and, of late, disc jockey Bob Dylan to complete a series of as yet "unfinished" Hank Williams songs.

The lead vocalist of the rock duo star is one of a selection of musicians asked by Dylan to work on completing the "lost" songs - some of the final tunes and lyrics written by the late legend.

White recorded the unfinished Williams song You Know That I Know at Blackbird Studios in Nashville, Tennessee with engineer Joe Chiccarelli. Dominic Suchtya, the bassist who guested on the White tracks, says, "Dylan had contacted him (White) to see if he'd like to finish some of these tunes.

"No one has heard it as it was a Hank Williams lyric sheet that Jack put to music and edited a bit. Jack was sent most of or all of the unfinished tunes and picked this one to finish.
Source: music_news.com

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