Monday, July 16, 2007

The 10 essential Brian Jonestown Massacre Songs

1. All Around You (Intro)

2. Servo

3. Satellite

4. Wisdom

5. Open Heart Surgery

6. Anenome

7. That Suicide Girl

8. Ballad of Jim Jones

9. If Love Is The Drug

10. Jesus

Darker My Love (In The Studio)

Right now they are locked up in a little room in Los Angeles writing songs for their new record. The follow up to their wonderfully psychedelic debut. The band says they have "a boat load" of new songs they are in pre-production on, and "writing more for the sake of the drill." They are playing two local shows in Los Angeles (July 29th @ The ExPlex And August 26th @ The Fuck Yeah Fest)

Check out their self titled debut record: DML-