Monday, November 26, 2007

The Black Jesuses

"The first time I heard The Black Jesuses, I literally started sweating. I got that worked up. The first song I heard, “Roll Call”, was stuck in my head for weeks. Actually, it still is.I can’t really think of the last time I heard a band, let alone a two-piece, that pumped out the blues as hard hitting and raunchy as the ol’ jesuses do. The great thing about this duo is that they clearly are in tune with the stripped down, bones bare essence of the blues. They don’t fuck around trying to be fancy. It’s obvious that they’re fantastic musicians, but it sounds like they’re barely lifting their fingers when they play, and any effort being made to try and impress anyone is either non-existent or masterfully hidden. It also doesn’t hurt that they have plenty of experience writing and performing great rock songs, as I am inclined to inform you that they are also members of The Parlor Mob. If the guitar is truly an extension of a man’s penis when he plays, then guitarist/singer Dave Rosen is blowing his load all over your face and he doesn’t care if you love it or not. It’s just fun The only music currently available is a batch of live recordings posted on their myspace page, including a fucking fantastic version of The Beatles’ “Yer Blues”, driving that catchy little riff into your skull and/or groin as if you’ve just heard it for the first time. And if you need to quench your thirst for a good old-fashioned heart-wrenching ballad, they have that too in “Closer”. It’s an acoustic diddy that can make any little girl wish they were the muse and any guy wish he was bad ass enough to write a song that comes with a guaranteed lay, whether he’d ever admit to it or not. Please, do yourself a favor and listen to this band. I command you.
Source: Heather

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