Friday, October 19, 2007

Led Zeppelin: New Tracks?

Jimmy Page has hinted at news that Led Zeppelin fans have been waiting for, namely that Led Zeppelin may record new music.
After their reunion concert at London's 02 Arena next month and John Paul Jones hasn't ruled out further plans for the band either.

The November 26th tribute concert for late Atlantic Records boss Ahmet Ertegun is where Page, Jones and Robert Plant will reunite on stage for the first time in two decades with Jason Bonham taking the place of his late father John.

When Page was asked by The Winnipeg Sun about the possibility of them recording new material he had this to say, "Look, I'd be really surprised if there wasn't -- you know, I mean I just know the way we are. We're musicians ... as we're playing we'll probably be coming up with all manner of things. And that will be fun. I mean, that's what it's all about.

"Let's do the 02 show, shall we? And then we'll speak to you afterward," he added.

Bassist John Paul Jones was similarly vague when he hinted that there may be a future for a reformed Led Zeppelin, but right now they remain focused on the 02 show. "Basically, we are concentrating on this show," Jones told the paper. "That's where all the energy is going. I mean, who knows, but one step at a time."

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