Friday, July 20, 2007

Ryan Adams: Wilshire Theatre 7/19/07 (Live Review)

So the acoustic show came to the Wilshire theatre last night. Six man band with pedal steel, and an upright piano. The Wilshire was the perfect setting for a show like this. Very quiet crowd, that seemed to know it was seeing something very special.
At one point Ryan says, "I'd like to send this one out to my buddy Glenn Danzig. Hes goin through a really dark period in his life. Cheer up Glenn, we love ya buddy."

Setlist went somethin like this:

please do not let me go
blue sky, blues
oh my god, whatever, etc.
the sun also sets
blue hotel
dear chicago
let it ride
elizabeth, you were born to play the part
off broadway
dear john
i taught myself how to grow old
starlite diner
cold roses
peaceful valley
goodnight rose
this is it
goodnight hollywood blvd.

how do you keep love alive?
a kiss before i go
magnolia mountain.

One of the best played acoustic type shows Ive ever been to. Everything was perfect soundwise. Through a two hour show I never once had the thought "man I wish I could hear the _______ better". The harmonies this band was throwin around were sick, four part, gospel sounding shit. Neal Casal is the perfect guy for this band. He knows what NOT to play, and thats hard to find nowadays. Plus, his voice in the middle of the harmonies sounded great.
I know the guys hit and miss in these parts, but Im not sure theres a better singer/songwriter under fifty on the planet. Sure, hes written more than his share of depressed/heartache songs, and that gets old at times, but the new record actually has an upbeat feel to it, and those songs breathed freshness into the set. Rumor is he'll be back in the fall with amps on the stage this time around, and Ill be there for that as well. Im just really glad I was able to hear these songs, in this setting, with a respectful crowd giving the music the ability to be dynamic. The way acoustic music should be. Good on Ryan for havin the nuts to tour like this, and for keeping a band together for over a year now. Hopefully hes settled into life.

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